Athletic Mouthwear in North York, Ontario

Do you like playing sports? If so, it’s important to protect your mouth while you’re out on the field. Oral injuries to your teeth and gums are extremely common and can happen in both high-contact and low-contact sports.
Park Home Dental offers Orthosport Performance Mouthwear to protect your mouth and boost your overall performance. Orthosport Performance Mouthwear is powered by Tempo-Tilt Technology which alleviates pressure from the temporomandibular joint and stops teeth clenching and grinding during competition. This keeps your jaw and body relaxed while competing so you can perform to your best abilities. Simply put: Relaxed body = Better focus = Improved performance.
Our athletic mouthwear comes in a wide selection of types and styles to suit your personality. To create your mouthwear we will take impressions of your teeth. This detailed process ensures that the mouthwear offers a superior fit and protection. Unlike store-bought mouthguards, our mouthwear is custom-made according to your mouth's specifications.
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Athletic Mouthwear in North York