Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings in North York, ON

Natural/“Tooth-Colored” Composite Restorations
One of the common complaints that patients have is how unattractive metal fillings look. Also, some people may not feel comfortable having metal placed in their teeth. If you’re looking for another option, Park Home Dental is happy to offer bonded fillings in North York to improve your smile. Bonded white fillings are made of tooth coloured composite resin that is ideal for treating a wide variety of dental problems, such as decay, chips, and cracks. And unlike conventional metal fillings, the resin contains no metal or amalgam materials.
These composite restorations are tough and durable. Once the resin is placed on the tooth’s structure, it can be shaped into its desirable shape. And because the composite resin is custom-made to your teeth’s natural shade, they are natural looking as well. Bonded white fillings can be placed in a single appointment so you can have a healthier smile on the same day.
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Bonded Fillings in North YorkBonded Fillings in North York, ON